Bruno's Story

Bruno is a 74- Pound, Six-Year-Old, Neutered Male, Shepherd Mix.  

His veterinarian sent him to Dr. Davis  for Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) to see if he had nerve problems.  

Bruno's owner did not want to keep him on medication for a long  time and wanted Bruno to see an "animal chiropractor."

The owner said that Bruno "hung his head in pain , looked at his hind end and yelped, and had pain when pooping."

Dr. Davis found that Bruno had many problems and fixed them.  

Bruno's problems were found in  his jaws, neck, ribs , upper, middle,  and lower back,  pelvis, tail, and  front and rear legs.

Dr. Davis said  that Bruno felt better after VOM care.  The pain was gone.

The owner saw that Bruno  was "able to hold his head  normal when walking", did "not hang/drop his head" and had "no more pain." After his care was done, Bruno's owner said that he was "now playing fetch-he had not done this since he began to hang his head six-months ago, and  Bruno is now able to jump which he never did before.