VOM uses an activator instrument.  The technique used on pets is not the same as activator methods chiropractic technique (AMCT) used on humans.  The activator instrument allows the practitioner to deliver a quick, exact correction to the  pet's spine as per VOM protocol for conditions from "unhappy"  to "dog or cat  arthritis. "

Dr. Inman explains the animal's response to VOM as:

                                    "A simple technology that relies on the 

                              animal's innate ability to heal itself, one 

                              that re-establishes communication with 

                              the pet's ability to heal itself, will be

                              easy,  powerful, and effective."

Dr. William Inman, BS, BS, DVM, CVCP, initiator of veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM) states that VOM is:

                                                                "A healing technology that locates areas 

                              of the animals nervous system that has 

                              fallen out of communication,  and

                              re-establishes neuronal communication

                              and thus induces healing."

Pets have spines too:  VOM is a good choice for pet health

Some pet owners refer to us  as "dog chiropractors." A Certified Veterinary ChiroPractitioner (CVCP)  is  our  professional title.  CVCP's can be chiropractors, veterinarians, or both.